Holidays in the Czech Republic

Austria, Germany, Poland, Hungary and Slovakia

The Czech Republic is a country of fairytales with castles and enchanted forests. It may not have a coast, but it is a great destination for holidays with children. We have come up with some interesting holiday packages for you, but if these do not meet your requirements, contact us. 

Trosky castle in Czech Paradise

Holiday in Narnia (7 nights)

The rock towns of northern Czech Republic (both in Czech Switzerland and Czech Paradise) provided locations for Disney's Chronicles of Narnia movies. There you will find castles built into the rocks, that used to be home to robber barons. Rumjaz, the Czech Robin Hood character, is everywhere in Czech Paradise. There is lots to do and see and we give you a pack of suggestions for activities for young and older children.

For the Narnia Holiday you stay in a self-catering apartment or cottage. We recommend you hire a car, but public transport can be used.

Boy with puppet

Land of Fairytales (7 nights)

Stay in a self-catering apartment or cottage* in the South Bohemian area near the fairytale town of Cesky Krumlov. Lake Lipno is like an inland sea with a whole range of attractions and sports activities available. Hire a bike and enjoy the many trails in the area. Or you can take a walk through the treetops, visit the otters in the Sumava National Park or ride a scooter downhill. In Cesky Krumlov you will find bears in the castle moat, two puppet museums and a maze of mirrors.

As with the Narnia Holiday we give you a pack of suggestions for activities for young and older children.

* One of our cottages even comes with its own petting zoo!

These two holidays can be combined with a stay in Prague. We have two apartment hotels in Prague who welcome children. One is in the Troja area of the city, where you will find Prague Zoo, the Botanical Gardens, and boat cruises. Within walking distance over the river is the Stromovka Park, which is popular with Czech families. The hotel is in a listed building which has an excellent restaurant, small playground and its own vineyard. 

The other hotel is more central and is in the area south of Prague castle. There is a children's play area and the owner makes all her guests welcome (especially the young ones). The hotel has had many awards from Tripadvisor over the years as the best budget hotel in the Czech Republic. 

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Alchemist John Dee

April - September

In Search of the Philosopher's Stone

This family holiday for older children is based on the Footsteps of Alchemists tour. It combines a stay in Prague with one in South Bohemia

In the 16th century Bohemia attracted alchemists from all over Europe seeking the philosopher's stone and the art of turning metals into gold. Ghosts, magic, alchemy - all are to be found on this holiday. Plus a lot more besides.

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Some of our cycling and walking holidays are suitable for older children.

Or put together your own holiday: look at the page introducing the different regions and towns to get ideas of where you might go.