Holidays in the Czech Republic

Austria, Germany, Poland, Hungary and Slovakia

The Czech Republic has a surprising number of different landscapes and natural habitats for a small country. Any holiday in the Czech Republic countryside will offer you the opportunity to enjoy Czech nature. You could consider a cottage in the South Bohemian Lakes or the Sumava National Park, or a two-centre holiday.

April - September

Rock Towns, Gems and Caves 

Czech Paradise is a designated European Geopark. In a relatively small area you can find many types of rocks and minerals from different geological periods. Explore the amazing rock town formations, extinct volcanoes and the limestone caves at Bozkov. Visit museums dedicate to the local gems and gem-cutting industry. We offer cottage and hotel-based holidays which come with selection of geological walks and suggested excursions.

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April - September

Walking in the Sumava National Park 

The Sumava is a major part of a protected forested and mountainous landscape which spans three countries' boundaries. It is sometimes called the "Green Roof of Europe". The area was in the Iron Curtain exclusion zone during the Cold War years which means that rare flora and fauna were able to thrive there. They still do. We offer walks with local guides, as well as self-guided walking holidays. Cottages in the Park are also available for rent. 

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