Holidays in the Czech Republic

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Here are some answers to questions you might be asking about visiting the Czech Republic.

What is the weather like in the Czech Republic?

The Czech Republic’s climate is similar to English weather, although being in the centre of Europe it tends to be slightly warmer and drier than the UK in Summer and colder during the Winter usually with several months of snow. It is best to pack for sun and rain. Good walking shoes are essential as many of the towns are cobbled. 

When is the best time to visit the Czech Republic?

The main tourist season is between Easter and September. This is when nearly all the attractions are open. The weather in April and October is usually lovely but there can be exceptions. Personally we are very fond of the country in Winter. The snow can be magical and in the Sumava and the Giant Mountains there are very affordable ski resorts. 

Where is the Czech Republic?

The Czech Republic is in the centre of Europe. To the west it is bordered by Germany, to the north and east by Poland, to the south east by Slovakia and to the south by Austria. This makes the country ideal as a base to explore Europe.

The Czechs are very clear that they are central Europeans. Prague is west of Vienna!  The idea that the country is in the east is down to the Cold War, but for most of the country's history it was at the heart of Europe politically and culturally.

How do we get to the Czech Republic?

The country is well served by flights from the UK. The Czech Republic's main international airport is Prague. Easyjet, Ryanair, Wizz Air, Jet2 and British Airways all fly to Prague. Ryanair also flies to Brno and Ostrava. Some airports in other countries (Linz, Bratislava, Vienna, and Katowice) offer an alternative for travellers from the UK with convenient transport links into the Czech Republic. 

How do we get around the Czech Republic?

Public transport connections are good and frequent. There are a number of excellent coach providers linking the main cities. As part of most of our holiday packages we arrange the transfers for you. However you can hire cars if you want from Prague and Brno airports, as well as other major cities. 

What documents do we need?

A current passport - in fact do ensure that you have several months on your passport in case of an accident which prevents your scheduled return.. If you are not an EU citizen you may need a visa. If you are hirng a car - a driving licence. Holiday insurance - we require all our customers have insurance sufficient to cover medical bills and repatriation. The European Health Insurance Card gives you quick and free access to emergency health provision. 

Is the Czech Republic safe?Crime levels are generally low in the Czech Republic, but be aware of pickpockets in some of the main tourist areas.

What is the local currency?

The Czech Korun is currently the local currency, but the Euro is sometimes accepted in tourist centres like Cesky Krumlov or Prague. The best rates are often obtained by bringing over cash and exchanging it in a local exchange office (do compare rates to avoid rip-offs) or taking it out of cash machines. You may find it easier to exchange Euros rather than British pounds. 

What is the food like?

Our customers are often pleasantly surprised by the quality of food in the Czech Republic, but don’t expect nouvelle cuisine, Czech food is hearty. Look out for game dishes and ones with mushrooms as these are local specialities. Vegetarians will find the menu limited in less touristy areas. As the country was until 1918 part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire cakes and patisseries can be excellent. Food shopping is relatively easy, as there are familiar supermarkets (Tesco, Lidl) in the Czech Republic. Restaurant meal prices are lower than those in the UK.

And drinks?

This is the country that invented pilsner beer (named after Plzen) and locals are rightly proud of Czech beer. There has been a growth is micro-breweries in recent years, so look out for these. The Czech Republic also produces wine, especially in the South Moravian area. 

Can we drink the tap water?

Nearly always. The only places where you might need to drink bottled is when you are off the beaten track. There is usually a sign saying not drinkable. However bottled water is available in most restaurants and in supermarkets. 

What is the accommodation like?

Accommodation can range from the luxurious to the basic. The star rating is not always an indication of level, because most hotels choose their own rating. For that reason we try, wherever possible, to only offer accommodation we have at least visited and better still stayed in. We like to find interesting historic hotels and pensions for you. A pension can be a better solution than a large hotel as you will get more personal service, but they normally don't have restaurants.  

All the hotels and pensions we offer have an ensuite bath or shower. As a general rule beds in the Czech Republic tend to be firm. One other thing to note is that air-conditioning is not common in the Czech Republic, partly because of building restrictions on putting it into old buildings.

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