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There is a good reason why this area got the name of Czech Paradise (Cesky Raj or Bohemian Paradise) - it is the most beautiful of areas, with its sandstone rock towers (“rock towns”), pine forests, lakes and ponds. Add to these charming traditional wooden cottages and rugged castles and you have a perfect tourist area. It is relatively small (700 sq. kms), easily accessible from Prague by public transport and as such is highly suitable for a short break, perhaps as part of a two-centre holiday.


Some Sights in Czech Paradise

  • The rock towns: explore the sandstone labyrinths
  • Trosky and Kost castles (to name just two)
  • Traditional villages with log-built cottages, as at Vesev u Sobotky
  • The Bohemian Paradise Museum - includes displays of the precious stones and their cutting
  • The many footpaths and cycle trails
  • The Baroque landscapes around Jicin
  • the many nature reserves.

Holidays we offer that include Czech Paradise

April - September 

Self-guided Tour

Czech Paradise Walking Holiday

Czech Paradise (Cesky Raj) has many castles, as well as lovely timbered wooden cottages and farms. The variety of landscapes result in a wide-range of flora and fauna. 
Some of the sights on the walks are:
  • Prachovske Rock Town &  Hruba Skala Rock Town
  • Kost Castle, Trosky Castle & Valstein Castle
  • Turnov - a town of gem-cutters
  • Marian Garden - Baroque chapels hidden in the landscap
  • The Plakanek Valley Nature Reserve.  
  • Sobotka historic reserve - traditional wooden houses 

The package are 3* accommodation in Jicin walks pack, transfers from Prague and the loan of an emergency phone. We can also offer accommodation in Prague as part of the package.  

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April - September

Rock Towns, Gems and Caves 

Czech Paradise is a designated European Geopark. In a relatively small area you can find many types of rocks and minerals from different geological periods. Explore the amazing rock town formations, extinct volcanoes and the limestone caves at Bozkov. Visit museums dedicate to the local gems and gem-cutting industry. We offer cottage and hotel-based holidays which come with selection of geological walks and suggested excursions.

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April to October

Family Holiday in Narnia (7 nights)

The rock towns of northern Czech Republic (both in Czech Switzerland and Czech Paradise provided locations for Disney's Chronicles of Narnia movies. You will even find castles built into the rocks, that used to be home to robber barons. Rumjaz, the Czech Robin Hood character, is everywhere in Czech Paradise. There is lots to do and see and we give you a pack of suggestions for activities for young and older children.

For the Narnia Holiday you stay in a self-catering apartment or cottage. We recommend you hire a car, but public transport can be used.

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April to October


We have hotels and apartments in Jicin and cottages in the surrounding area. 

Two-centre Holiday - Prague & Jicin

Why not add some time in the Czech Republic's capital to your holiday and get double the experience. 

We have selected hotels and apartments in Prague available at a range of prices. 

For families we have two apartment hotels which are geared to your needs. For information, check out our family holidays section.