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The Giant Mountains or Krkonose Mountains are a popular holiday destination in the north of the Czech Republic on the border with Poland. In the summer they are popular for walking and watching nature and in the winter for skiing - the mountains are the Czech Republic’s prime skiing area.

Some Sights of Interest

  • the area's hiking & bike trails
  • the ski resorts - the main ones are Harrachov, Spindleruv Mlyn, Janske Lacne and Pec 
  • the Boskov caves
  • Fortress Stachelberg - the fortifications include 3.5 kms of underground tunnels
  • the cog railway from Harrachov - which passes through stunning landscape
  • the nearby spectacular Adrspach-Teplice nature reserve.

Holidays We Offer That Include the Giant Mountains

May - Sept Guided and Self-guided

Cycling Tours

Along the Elbe River to Prague

This bicycle tour runs from Krkonose National Park (Giant Mountains) along the Elbe River to Prague (easy ability.

Giant Ride 

This bike tour runs through the mountains in the north of the country and particularly the Krkonose National Park (Giant Mountains).  For more energetic cyclists.

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Giant Mountains Accommodation 

We have cottages and hotels in the area. 

Giant Mountains Plus 

Combine a stay in the mountains with a stay in Prague.

The Giant Mountains straddle the Polish border. A number of the trails cross the border. 

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