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The Czech Republic is full of forests, but the most famous is the Bohemian Forest or Sumava in the south. The name Sumava comes from the word for sound of leaves - so it is the rustling forest. The Sumava is a national park because of its unspoilt landscapes and nature. The area boasts not just forests, but also mountain pastures rich in meadow flowers and glacial lakes. The area is very suited to all outdoor pursuits.


Some Sights in the Sumava

  • Boubin Forest - an ancient forest
  • Kasperk Castle
  • nature reserves & rare flora and fauna
  • well marked cycle routes & footpaths
  • the glacial lakes & the man-made Lake Lipno 
  • the otters on the River Vydra
  • visit a segment of the Iron Curtain
  • the old towns of Kaspersky Hory, Susice, Vimperk and Prachatice 

Holidays We Offer That Include the Sumava National Park

Guided Tour April - September

Historic South Bohemia A La Carte

Stay in Cesky Krumlov and choose from a selection of guided trips to create your own personal guided tour.
Choose from these trips:

  • Zlata Koruna Abbey or Dvici Kamen Castle, Holasovice UNESCO Heritage Village, Hluboka Castle
  • Trebon & Jindrichuv Hradec
  • Rozmberk Castle, Vyssi Brod Abbey and Vitkuv Kamen Castle 
  • Tabor & Bechyne
  • Libin Viewpoint, Prachatice and Kratochvile
  • Zumberk Fortified Village, Nove Hrady Castle, Cuknstejn Manor House
  • Horni Plana, Schwarzenberg Canal, Volary
  • Tour of the Sumava

Prices include accommodation, plus your choice of trips. 

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April - September

Walking in the Sumava National Park 

The Sumava is a major part of a protected forested and mountainous landscape which spans three countries' boundaries sometimes called the "Green Roof of Europe". Protected from development the Sumava is home to many wild animals and birds as well as rare flowers and other flora. We offer walks with local guides, as well as self-guided walking holidays. Cottages in the Park are also available for rent. 

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Accommodation in the Sumava

We have cottages and hotels in the Sumava. 

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South Bohemia Walking Holiday

The walking holiday which is based in Cesky Krumlov includes a number of walks in the Sumava.

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Sumava Plus

You can combine a stay in the Sumava with stays in

Because the Sumava is along the border, it is possible to walk or cycle into Germany and Austria.

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