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Plzen (Pilsen) isn't just the home of the beer that bears its name. It is also a fascinating city, something that is clear from the fact that it is the 2015 European Capital of Culture. Plzen is easily accessible from Prague (1.5 hrs journey). Sitting on a major road to Germany, Plzen can be combined with a stay in Regensburg (2.5 hrs) or Nuremburg (3  hrs).  


Some Interesting Sights in Plzen

  • Breweries - in addition to Pilsner Urquell Brewery  you can also visit the Brewery Museum, a number of microbreweries and even a beer spa!
  • Take a tour of the labyrinth of tunnels which lie under the city.
  • Republic Square - the city's historic centre and  the location for markets, festivals and other events. 
  • St Bartholomew's Cathedral dominates the square and the city.
  • Plzen Zoo and Dinopark, a puppet museum and a museum of ghosts and fairytales will appeal to youngsters. 

Holidays We Offer That Include Plzen (Pilsen)

Plzen Plus 

You can have a self-guided holiday which combines Plzen with these Czech towns:

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April - October

Plzen Plus Regensburg

A holiday in two stunning cities - one in the Czech Republic and one in Germany.

Regensburg is a UNESCO-listed world heritage site on the River Danube. We can also arrange a boat ride on the Danube from Regensburg as part of your holiday.

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